Single Screen Games

Here we talk about a few games that you can play together. This list of games will appeal to teenagers and adults. If you are over 18, we have some material about online casinos and gambling that will be at least interesting to read. So, here we go.

Streets of Rage 4

A remake of the arcade beat-n-match going back to SEGA. Thanks to the developers in 2020, we have the opportunity to play on the pc and modern consoles in a cooperative hit of the past.

Children of morta

Children of morta is a mix of beloved action rpg + rogule-like genres. Good drawn graphics, cooperative mode so far with only split-screen on one computer, but the developers are trying to put together online co-op. Dungeon generation, quests, losing everything on death, pixel art graphics as always great.

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct is an excellent fighting game, no worse than the notorious Mortal Combat. Dynamic combat system, by interrupting combos, good music. Lots of characters, including the toad from Battletoads. Simple threshold of entry, no need to memorize combos, just push all the buttons indiscriminately.

The Swords of Ditto

The Swords of Ditto is a cooperative action RPG zelda barking roguelike. With simple gameplay and a good design component. The game is very suitable for kids. Pumping, swag and artifacts, stores and bosses. Much more interesting to play together, one boring.

Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2

Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 is the second part of a great old-school cooperative metal slug shooter, contra. You can play on a single computer or over the internet. The number of players from one to four. Usually we play two. I advise to play on maximum difficulty, the game becomes more interesting and longer. It is fun fun.

Snipperclips PLUS

Snipperclips PLUS is a cooperative game with friends or family, solve puzzles and have fun. The gameplay consists of cutting one figure out of another, giving the desired shape and solving the problem. For example, carve the shape of a needle out of your partner, who in turn bursts a balloon.


Guys, do not pass by, I’m serious. Everyone who goes for platformers for two in style will appreciate this game of the year. Cuphead is made with heart. Hand-drawn characters and a great soundtrack, challenging gameplay in about Battletoads. Great level design and nostalgia and references to old cartoons.


Songbringer is a Zelda-style cooperative action RPG with multiple weapons, dungeons and fantastic bosses. Generatable worlds, quests and a beautifully pixelated world.

Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is a funny fighting game, battles and tricks in the world of claymation men. A distinctive feature is the physics of the characters and the world. Many locations for battles and the presence of dynamic objects – escalators, trains, spinning shafts. Most interesting to play in four-person co-op. Many modes – survival and even a semblance of a company walkthrough.

Party Hard

Party Hard is a pixel-based 2D cooperative Hotline Miami-style game. You just want to get some sleep, but there’s a party next door. The only way out is to eliminate the dancing people by using stealth and thinking carefully about your plan. Good soundtrack, multiplayer and good gameplay.

Bloody Trapland

Bloody Trapland is a good hardcore platformer on a hundred levels in super mit combat style, but with a four-person co-op subreddit. Bloody Trapland has several modes: Race, Adventure, Deathmatch. Blood, confusion, and death, including those caused by your partners, are everywhere.

Death’s Hangover

Death’s Hangover is a cooperative pixel arcade game. Lots of levels to progress through which the story unfolds. In cooperative mode, death appears capable of shooting.

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Shovel Knight is a beautiful indie game in the retro platformer style in a Dendy’s spirit. Great gameplay, moderately challenging with nice music and a good story. The gameplay feels deliberate, with all your character’s tricks and gameplay abilities implemented in all levels throughout the story. The game is quite full of incidents, discoveries, secrets, and surprise encounters.


Tekken 7 is a fighting game that everyone for example, has been waiting for a long time, especially after the announcement on the fresh platform for the Tekken series – PC. When talking about Tekken, we are reminded of the great time spent in the past parts of the series, such as Tekken 3 and Tekken 5. This does not mean that the other parts of the series than any other or more awful, but rather Tekken 3 and 5 have contributed more significant evolution of the series as a whole. 2 years Tekken 7 polished in the gaming centers of the Land of the Rising Sun, and rare arcade halls in other Asian countries. This commercial beta test allowed the creators to test the perfect balance between the characters and improve the fresh mechanics before deciding what to venture on the worldwide release for family platforms. The PC version came out with a huge delay, but despite all this.

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