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Rules of Play

Rules of Play

1. EVERYONE must wear socks in all play areas

2. NO outside food or drinks are permitted (baby formula and baby food is permitted)

3. no running outside the play areas

4. no climbing up slides or netting

5. toddler play area is for kids 2 & under, main play area is for kids 3 & up



Brewster’s Cafe

Order a cup of gourmet coffee, grab a healthy snack or have lunch with your whole family. Either way, you can take advantage of our broad menu featuring fresh, tasty choices for the whole family.

Cafe Menu

grilled paninis

  • chicken florentine panini $6.95 wheatberry bread, spinach artichoke dip, parmesan cheese, grilled chicken breast, and tomato.
  • chrissy 2 cheese panini $5.95(add honey glazed ham or roasted turkey $6.95) sourdough bread, cheddar and swiss cheese.
  • tuscan chicken panini $6.95 french style hoagie roll, sun-dried tomato pesto mayo, monterey jack cheese, grilled chicken breast, and tomatoes.
  • turkey deluxe panini $6.95 sourdough bread, mayonnaise, swiss cheese, roasted turkey, bacon, avocado an

signature sandwiches

  • spicy steak roll $6.55 french style hoagie roll, spicy mayonnaise, swiss cheese, sliced beef, lettuce and avocado.
  • toasted southwest blt $5.95 sourdough bread, mayonnaise, bacon, avocado, lettuce and tomato.
  • smoked ham & cheddar $5.95 wheatberry bread, mustard, mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, honey glazed ham, lettuce and tomato.
  • tyler turkey & swiss $5.95 Wheatberry bread, mustard, mayonnaise, swiss cheese, roasted turkey, lettuce and tomato.
  • vania veggie delight $5.95 french style hoagie roll, avocado, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, kalamata olives, red onion and an light vinaigrette.

fresh salads

  • chipotle cobb salad $7.95 romaine and iceberg lettuce, diced tomatoes, kalamata olives, avocado, grilled chicken breast, bacon, bleu cheese crumbles and chipotle ranch dressing.
  • classic greek salad $6.95 romaine and iceberg lettuce, diced tomatoes, red onion, kalamata olives, cucumbers, pepperoncini peppers, feta cheese with light vinaigrette.
  • fresh garden salad $5.25 romaine and iceberg lettuce, diced tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers, kalamata olives, and balsamic dressing.
  • crispy chicken salad $7.95 romaine and iceberg lettuce, diced tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, bacon, crispy chicken and ranch dressing.
  • dressings balsamic, light vinaigrette, ranch, chipotle ranch

bakery items

  • blueberry muffin $2.65
  • chocolate muffin $2.65
  • chocolate chip cookie $1.00
  • brownie $2.95
  • cheesecake slice $3.75

Drink Menu

hot drinks

  • house blend 12oz $1.65| 16oz $1.85 regular or decaf
  • organic hot tea 12oz $1.35| 16oz $1.65 green tea, earl grey, classic breakfast, chamomile citrus, black berry, fragrant oolong
  • chai tea latte 12oz $2.70| 16oz $3.10 sweetened spiced tea mixed with steamed milk, then topped with cinnamon.
  • hot chocolate 12oz $2.10| 16oz $2.35 steamed milk with milk chocolate sauce or white chocolate sauce, topped with rich whipped cream.
    *substitute skim milk on request

espresso drinks

add a little extra
espresso shot $.55, whipped cream $.45, substitute half and half $.65, substitute soy-milk $.65

  • espresso single shot $1.50| double shot $1.85
  • cappuccino 12oz $2.55| 16oz $3.10 espresso mixed with steamed milk and a velvety foam.
  • café americano 12oz $1.75| 16oz $2.05 espresso with hot water.
  • café latte 12oz $2.85| 16oz $3.30 espresso mixed with steamed milk, then topped with foam. add a shot of flavor for $.45
  • café mocha 12oz $3.30| 16oz $3.75 espresso mixed with chocolate sauce and steamed milk, then topped with rich whipped cream.
  • white chocolate mocha 12oz $3.30| 16oz $3.75 espresso mixed with white chocolate sauce and steamed milk, then topped with rich whipped cream.

blended drinks

  • fruit smoothie 12oz $3.50| 20oz $4.00 strawberry, strawberry banana, pina colada, peach, mango
  • frappe with espresso 12oz $3.50| 20oz $4.00 | add a shot of flavor for $.15
  • chai tea frappe 12oz $3.65| 20oz $4.15


add these flavors to any frappe or expresso

  • regular $.45 vanilla, chocolate, caramel, hazelnut cinnamon,pumpkin spice, chocolate mint, brown sugar, white chocolate, amaretto, chocolate milano
  • sugar free $.45 vanilla, carmel, hazelnut

cold drinks

  • soft drinks $1.85
  • unsweetened iced tea $1.85
  • juice $1.75 apple or orange
  • whole milk $1.79
  • chocolate milk $1.79
  • silk soy milk $2.25
  • bottled water $1.35

Kids Menu

kid’s choices

make it a kid’s meal! add a drink and a snack to any kids choice item for $2.15

  • peanut butter & jelly $1.95
  • mac & cheese $3.75
  • grilled cheese $1.95
  • hot dog $1.95
  • chicken nuggets $2.95
  • french toast sticks $2.75
  • cheese pizza $3.75
  • pepperoni pizza $3.75


Fundraising made easy!
Let us team up with your organization in an effort to raise funds in a unique, simple, and effective way. We take care of the details, your organization receives the funds, and the kiddos have a Stomping Good time!

how it works
Together, we will select a specific week day or evening to host your spirit event. We will prepare and provide all of the materials for your teachers to distribute, and students to take home. This will include a SPIRIT CARD used for redemption, as well as an explanation of how the program works. The materials will be supplied for distribution 2-3 days prior to the event.

For every Stomping Grounds SPIRIT CARD or acknowledgement of your organization we receive during your designated Spirit day or evening (Monday – Friday) we will contribute 100% of the admission sales back to your organization for the first spirit event and 50% of admission sales every spirit event thereafter.

It’s just that easy! The kiddos get to play, we provide the necessary materials to promote the event and help you reach your fundraising goals! Contact us today at 281-313-3800 or by email at

Birthday Party

Let us host your next birthday party!

click here to book your party today!

Reserve a Stomping Grounds birthday party room today, and we’ll do the rest! Need food or favors? We can arrange everything for a perfect day of entertainment and celebration. Stomping Grounds birthday party packages can be tailored to groups of all sizes, and we make it simple to plan a stomping good birthday party that your child is sure to remember.


  • up to 16 kids
  • 2 hours of fun
  • Fountain drink for each kid

$249.00(can host up to 20 kids-$16/additional kid)

Make it Ultimate!

  • chicken nuggets or pizza for each kid
  • souvenir for birthday child

$299.00($18/additional kid)

make it extra special

  • + goodie bottle* ~ $2.95
  • + goodie bottle w/ return pass ~ $5.95
  • + ice cream cup ~ $1.00

*Items in goodie bottle subject to change, may not be suitable for children under 3.

Brewster’s Weekday Bash
book your party for monday-friday (excluding holidays) and save $60.00 off any package!

birthday party


Group Rates

Book your weekday playdate today!
Call 281-313-3800

8-12 kids or toddlers, $1.00 off admission

13-20 kids or toddlers, $1.50 off admission

21- 30 kids or toddlers, $2.00 off admission

31+ (40 max) kids or toddlers, $2.50 off admission

*groups larger than 21 must call in advance to receive the group rate.